Key Features

Hydratron Double Acting Air Driven Liquid HPU’s offer many desirable features:

Ability to stall at a predetermined pressure and hold this fixed pressure without consuming power or generating heat
No risk of flame or spark
Infinitely variable speed/output flowrate control
Infinitely variable output pressure control
Standard models are suitable for oil or water applications
Isolation chamber for Chemical applications
No limit or adverse effects in continuous stop/start applications
Proven reliability, easy to maintain and robust


Air filter, lubricator, pressure regulator, pressure gauge & speed control valve
6” (150mm) diameter panel mounted outlet pressure gauge
Pressure release valve with return back to tank
Inlet fluid strainer
All interconnecting pipework & fittings
Robust Stainless Steel Frame as standard


Offshore specification available
Stroke Counter
Outlet Pressure Isolation
On board chart recorder
Calibration supply reservoir
Wheels / castors

Performance Data
Model Max Output Pressure
@ 100 psi (7bar) Air Drive Max Oulet Flow Displacement/
Psi Bar Cu Ins/min L/min Cu Ins cc’s
DHDA-33 6728 464 1934 31.72 15.6 255.37
DHDA-66 13300 917 992 16.27 8.0 131.1
DHDA-118 23695 1634 558 9.15 4.5 73.8
DHDA-158 30000 2069 320 5.25 2.6 42.0

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